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Tool Research

I installed Poser 5 & 6 and DAZ Studio last night. Poser 5 & 6 came together as a package deal (buy 5 now and get 6 for free when it arrives -- so I placed the order and 6 became available the next day). I've also installed some 3D models I'm thinking of using for Sparky and Kara, but I don't want to disclose what they are or show any pics. I think it's better to surprise everyone with them later :)

I've played around with Poser 5 before, but nothing serious. I think I'll read up on DAZ Studio first, since it's new to me and the interface looks nice and streamlined. The only potential downside to DAZ Studio is that it's beta, but maybe 1.0 will come out by the time I'm ready to seriously use it (if it's the tool I choose).

I've been thinking about how I want to approach the 3D work. I want it to be as simple as possible. I'd like to throw together existing 3D models and animate them. A key part of 3D animation is character rigging. This involves using special tools that are not rendered to aid in animating the characters. With Poser and DAZ Studio, this is accomplished with property dials. It's possible to add your own property dials, but I hope I don't have to get into that for now.

So my plan is to first learn a software environment well, whether its DAZ Studio or Poser. Then learn how to assemble 3D objects into a scene and easily animate them (yes, I know, lighting is important, too). I imagine this will also involve building my own libraries of animations that I can easily reuse later. Since I'll be using Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects to put everything together, my 3D animations only have to be single camera shots. I want to build up a nice set of animations for my main characters first, and do some test renderings to get used to the whole process and make sure I like the look.

posted 2005-03-23 09:25:00