www.sparkythegoldfish.com is all about Sparky and his unusual life.

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Story Behind the Blog

I started Sparky as a joke blog. Every day Sparky would make the same post:

"Oh look... a castle!"

I initially wondered how long I could keep this up before people would tire of the joke, or the blog provider would kick me off for wasting their space. But then, on a lark, I decided to inject some drama into little Sparky's life.

Right away I was faced with creative challenges. Let's face it. A goldfish in a bowl, written in first-person viewpoint, has certain limitations.

The project soon turned into an intense creative writing experiment. I had to publish a new entry every day and try to keep it interesting. Many days I'd be having dinner and wonder what in the world I'd be writing for tomorrow's post. My editing consists of quick read-throughs, so there's bound to be some rough spots and things I'd cringe upon re-reading later on.

But at some point I fell in love with Sparky and his innocence, struggling to make sense of life after being thrust into a dangerous world. And this led to the creation of this site and the idea of making a movie.